8 Best Skunk Stripe Hair Ideas for 2023

8 Best Skunk Stripe Hair Ideas for 2023

    When you want colored hair  but struggle between several colors,choosing skunk stripes is a great choice, and by far the best solution.The highlight of the skunk stripe is refreshing,it contains elements of ancient and modern, this article will reveal the hairstyle trend for you, and choose hair to make your hairstyle more beautiful.

What is  skunk striped hair?

When you think of skunk your brain may emerge to its stereotype: the iconic fluffy black hair and contrasting white stripes of color, skunk stripes followed, color will be two color separated, the combination of original skunk stripes is pearl platinum and crow black, but in the development, any color can be combined, from chestnut to orange to rich romantic atmosphere of blue, endless color around us, whether on both sides of the hair stripes or color of color, can make your hair shine at the moment, you choose what kind of style is not easy to make mistakes.

Skunk striped  hair money block of hair difference

Where's the highlight of the skunk stripes? What makes it so different from the money block? Here is the difference between you. Money block highlights the feeling of brought by a pair of tone, skunk stripes is about the contrast of tonal heavy, money block hair often appear in front of the mane, location is single, and skunk stripes can appear in any place is not fixed can choose optional, can satisfy you want to have a unique wig. Finally, the money wig usually stands out in one place, and the skunk stripes are thick and thin to highlight the whole hairstyle. In short, skunk

is two colors, and the color distribution is not fixed, there is no fixed place, with this kind of wig, you will have more fun to choose wigs, can better explore the color of the wig, enjoy the beauty of the wig.

8 Skunk Striped Hair for inspiration


1.Highlights Blonde & Black Skunk Stripe Straight Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs 1b/613 Colored HD Transparent 13*4/4x4 Lace Front Wig With Baby Hair

The mix of two colors, the gorgeous platinum and agate match perfectly, the 1b / 613 color matching is a very good advantage, the gold skunk stripe frame is displayed on the face, highlighting your face area from the root, you will love this style, and straight hair can make your hair look very soft.

2.Platinum Highlight Grey 13x4 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs Mixed Color Brazilain Straight Lace Wig Pre-Plucked For Woman

Gray and white hair, show different temperament, like brave silver skunk stripes and ebony lock, different circumstances show different beauty, if you want to have two hair, you want to experience different color collision, then you must try it, it will bring you a different experience.

3.Skunk Stripe Wig With Honey Blonde Highlights Human Hair Transparent Lace Front Wig

If you think hairstyles have to be novel and weird, then you need to seriously think carefully about what kind of effect you want to present. Some people like to show colors in a delicate way, which presents a different fashion and effect. Even Queen Bey has a similar look, and if you want a more professional look, consider it with a honey gold color that makes your hair look beautiful.

4.Green Skunk Stripe Wig HD Lace Front Wigs Body Wave Frontal Glueless Colored Human Hair Wigs

Jade color is a symbol of the symbol of noble, as we to Rihanna noble luxury status is not strange, jade highlight your appearance, can make you look elegant temperament, you can even customize where do you want to put the hair, you can also add more skunk color, this is a bold decision, is also a good choice.

5.Highlights 99J Straight / Pink Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs Ombre Burgundy Red Colored HD Transparent 4x4/13*4 Lace Front Wig With Baby Hair

The charm of pink is to let you see the girl touch sample, overall wear can make you look very young, lighter color enhances the appearance, the color photograph echo more show the beauty of the skunk stripes, better show your profile, make you look young, you don't have to pay attention, you have to do is to take care.


6.Highlights Strawberry Pink & Chocolate Skunk Stripe Colored Lace Front Wigs

If you want to be suddenly remember your hair, so important is not texture but your hair color, strawberry pink ornament hair must be the most attractive, with a thick stripe, with strawberry color, in front of your temples, let pink lines, highlighted under the dark hair, can better show the beauty of the whole hairstyle.

7.Straight 13*4 Lace Front Red Wine & Blonde Skunk Stripe Color Wig

When you will be with a pink color wig belt street you will be "star", this literally, with loose waves and middle part, the skunk color headgear can show your beauty, leaving two prominent areas near your face, seems to make your eyes bigger, more highlight your beauty.

8.Skunk Stripe P4/27/613 HD Lace Front Wigs Bone Straight Highlight Colored Human Hair Wigs For Black Woman

If you like a lot of color collocation together, so you can try this, mixed three kinds of color, can better match your color, using professional highlights, make your head hair look like real hair, straight hair can better highlight your facial features, color can illuminate your skin, make you have a very nice appearance, bold attempt, won't let you down.