The duration of the wig

lace front wigs with water wave human hair

When you have a favorite lace wig, many people will want to know how long it can last, there are all kinds of information about lace wig, true and false, if you really want to answer, we can answer this article for you, we will introduce you lace wig can use how long and the factors that affect their life.

How long can a lace wig last?

 Different hair source hair can keep time is different, before hair lace wig can use an average of 3 to six months, capemy hair wig can last 4 to 12 months, the highest quality of high definition lace wig can last for 18 months, at the same time your hair concern, daily care, buy good wig will affect its use time

The that affecting lace wig In the above part cause

we introduce the duration of lace wig, of course, in addition to the different wig materials, we will detail the reasons affecting the durability of the wig. You may wonder what factors and how much these factors affect the wig, and we will introduce you one by one. Hair quality grade The material of the wig directly determines the duration of the wig.

What kind of lace wig material to choose is very important.

The following three levels are what we often meet:

Undeveloped natural hair - If your lace wig is pure natural human hair then your hair life will be very long, just like your own hair, it is not easy to be destroyed, it is not destroyed, it maintains the original state of the hair, the hair is very smooth, bright.

 Remy horse wig hair-the second only to the virgin hair, it may be through dyed hair or other forms of chemical treatment and high quality hair, it can make some additional processing, give hair a new pattern, its hair cuticle is not destroyed, and the distribution of the hair in one direction, so the hair will last for a long time.

Processing human hair-this wig type is the most common hair type on the market, it is more than natural untreated hair and Remy wig experience more processing, there is no cuticle, the hair extra color and pattern processing, this treatment will cause very big damage to the hair, that is why human hair lasts longer than other wigs.

The source of hair

The source of hair can also affect the life of wigs. Here are three of the main sources of hair base in the future.

Chinese hair-Chinese hair is the world's strongest and strongest hair in the world, China's Xuchang is one of the world's largest wig export trade base, China's wig is soft but not easy to break, can change various hairstyles at will and can be constantly dyed. Resistance to various texture changes. European hair- of average strength and texture, very popular with white women, it is very expensive, very rare in the market.

Indian hair-widely used, Indians often hair donation in the name of religion, because it is dressed up very delicate and soft, it is also easy to be used to design, can be fiddled into all kinds of texture, so it is very popular with white women, but although she looks good and beautiful but its life compared with the other two is very short.

The process of making a wig

The process of making lace wigs can also affect the life of the wig. The following small editor will reveal that the making process will directly affect the life of the wig.

  • A double knot wig will last longer than a single knot wig. (With a single knot made of one hair, it is the smallest knot you can have; a double knot made of two or more hairs, which is more pronounced and stronger than a single knot.)
  • Natural hair will last longer than bleached hair
  • Wikes treated with chemicals live less than the cuticle, and last longer than natural ones.

The wig maintenance

Learning to maintain a wig is also the most important part of improving its life, because without better wig maintenance, your lace wig may soon lose its life. Here are some ways to maintain a wig.

  • How to better clean the wigs?-If you choose to wash your wig in a washing machine or wipe your hair, your wig will last less long. The correct is to use the basin or cleaning container to gently clean, like their own hair to love the beloved wig.
  • The frequency of shampoo-wig is not a one-time product, can be reused, so you use a certain time to clean in time,otherwise easy to produce knots, residue accumulation, but often wash hair will make the wig loss, so choose the right frequency is the most important, according to personal situation to choose the right frequency, and can use hair care oil for hair maintenance.
  • What products to use for maintenance-If you think about your wig and want to keep your hair a little longer, you can choose care products designed specifically for wigs, ordinary products may make your wig is not friendly, destroy your hair and make it less life.
  • How to store wigs-Wigs should be placedon the model's head or in a box for holidays, or in a soft satin bag to maximize their life.

How often do you take a wig?

The more frequently you wear a wig, the faster your wig life lasts. If you only wear it two or three times a week, it will last longer than you live every day. For this reason, many people buy many wigs to switch to wear.

  • The pattern of hair-The different texture of the wig does not necessarily affect the life of the wig, but the curly hair shape needs to be maintained constantly, otherwise it is easy to tie knots, fall off, if not timely treatment, the life is easy to be damaged.
  • Hair length-The length of the wig can indirectly affect the life of the wig. Long hair will take longer to take care of than short hair.If you do not give good care to it, it will lose luster and vitality, and there will be signs of damage, so it needs to be replaced too early

How to make lace wigs last longer?

After explaining the factors in detail, we're now going to study how to make your wig longer, but we should buy quality wigs to make you live longer, but here's how to make your wig longer.

  • Try to avoid the wig bleached knot-you can buy a pre-bleached wig, but after you have the knot will be very obvious to hide it with powder, if you have to bleach the wig knot, be sure not to overbleach, find the mildest rinse and developer.
  • Gently comb-Transfer your hair from head to end with a comb, with a wide-tooth comb or finger, without pulling thewig hard.
  • Try to avoid the hair contact hot-hot will slowly reduce the life of the hair, because it will burn hair, so try to avoid to have hot shape, only if very necessary to do so, if you must heat the hair, use hot protective agent to protect, and keep the heating tool temperature as low as possible.
  • Carefully remove the wig-the lace is very thin and transparent and so very fragile, so be very careful when picking wigs, you can also buy a pre-picked wig.
  • Not too often-it is necessary, but do not wash too often, clean if necessary (if you wear a wig for 1 to 2 weeks a day) helps to keep the wig clean,be sure to use the shampoo designed for the wig.
  • Protect your wig regularly-If you want to keep your wig for longer, it is very necessary to protect your wig in time, which will make your wig soft and shiny, avoid tangles and shedding, so that it will last longer. Dry it with a towel or cool it to help preserve the wig.
  • Store your wig correctly when not using them-Good storage helps keep your wig hydrated and at its best. If not better, it dries out quickly and soon looks old.
  • Change your wig-Wearing the same wig every day is very bad for the wig. Everyone needs to have multiple wigs to let their hair rest in time, so that you can easily take care of each wig.
  • Oil the wig-Greasing the wig can protect the hair and make the hair smooth and shiny, but also to prevent the damage from external factors. The watery wig looks better and more shiny.
  • Try to avoid dyeing your hair-you may have learned a lot of dyeing your hair in your home. dyeing a wig at home can cause great damage to the wig, so we encourage you to buy a colorful wig.
  • Avoid going to bed with a wig, swimming or bathing-When you go over and over in bed, the wig rubs between and forth the bed, leading to hair cracking, dryness and even hair loss. In addition, in the swimming pool or beach wet wig, its leak in the air, it also is easy to make the wig burst, if you have to take a wig shower can be covered with a towel or hat, swimming remember swimming cap, the use of lace wig life is very long, if you want to high cost-effective wig we recommend hd transparent lace wig has this clear hairline, can completely merge with the skin, and can last for a longtime.