10 Golden Rules To Care For Human Virgin Hair

   What is the material of your wig? We all know that wig materials are mainly divided into two types, one is the human hair wigs sold in our store, and the other is synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are expensive due to the difficulty of collecting raw materials and the complexity of the production process. But good care can keep your human hair wigs effective for longer. So how to care for human hair wigs is a very important thing for wig lovers. This blog will help you a lot in caring for hair wigs. To learn more, keep reading this article.

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1. Pay attention to keeping the hair smooth. Make sure your wig is free of tangles from friction before sleeping or cleaning.If necessary, wear a nightcap to protect your wig after uncovering your head before going to bed.

2. Do not comb your hair when it is wet. When human hair wig is wet, the hair follicles are the most vulnerable. The cuticles are open, which will be stuck when combing, which is easy to cause the hair to fall out. Human hair wigs should be combed out before cleaning.

3. Do not use sulfate-containing cleansers for cleaning, use organic and sulfate-free shampoos. There is no way for human hair wigs to directly obtain nutrients from the scalp to maintain the long-term use of the hair, so we must protect the natural oils on the hair surface. But sulfates remove the natural oils from the hair, and without the protection of the oils, the hair becomes dry, prone to knots and breakage.

4. In order to protect the hair extension, cuticle, and lace cap from being used effectively for a long time, pay attention to the cleaning method. When cleaning, connect a pot of water first, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Next, you can choose to pour the conditioner into the water and mix it well, or you can choose to apply the conditioner directly to the hair. You can also apply some conditioner on the inner net, just a little bit. No matter which method you use, remember not to rub the wig, just rinse it in water.

5. Gently wash your hair with the palm of your hand downwards, without tucking it together or rubbing it too hard. This action can cause the open cuticles to rub against each other and become knotted, causing the hair to fall out.

6. Minimize the number of washings for human hair wigs. Excessive washing times will also destroy the oil on the surface of the hair, which will cause the hair to gradually become dry and easy to knot, which is irreversible damage.

7. When hair is wet, use 2-3 drops of natural oil, such as almond oil or coconut oil, to lightly apply to the hair to condition it. These oils can penetrate nutrients into the cuticle to add some moisture to the hair braid. Natural oils can do most of the work that conditioner does without the added chemicals and silicones, and natural oils are always the best products for hair care.

8. After using the conditioner, rinse the hair with slightly cold water, it will close the cuticle through the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, lock the moisture, oil, and nutrition in the hair, and add some nutrition to your hair.

9. Let your hair air dry in a ventilated area at home, do not heat it with a blow dryer as this will cause the hair to swell and dry.

10. Apply a small amount of argan oil, almond oil, or coconut oil to human hair wigs weekly or as needed. Argan oil is a great oil for styling and curling, but it's a drying oil and doesn't moisturize hair like almond or coconut. Pay attention to the daily protection of hair, so that it can be used for a longer time.