How to cut the bangs on a wig

613 body wave human hair with baby hairWant to make your old wig  look more stylish and more alive? Adding a pop fringe to your hair may be a good choice when you need to learn a lot about wig trimming before using scissors to modify the wig. Before you cut, you have to determine the type you trim, buy the relevant product, and then cut in the appropriate way. This article will show you how to cut your hair at home.

How to choose the right bangs

When you cut a wig, choose the right wig you want. It's best to choose a wig that highlights your facial features to make you look better and more natural. Here are some guides to give you the hair you want.

  • Don't make your hair straight, try heavy side sweep bangs, it looks like a heart —— unlike heavy bangs, thin bangs can highlight your characteristics.
  • If your face is square you need to keep long, straight bangs
  • Oval face shape, this kind of face shape is very advantageous, suitable for multiple purposes, can be applied to a variety of types of bangs, long bangs is the best choice, long bangs can better modify your face shape.

Of course, in addition to the shape of the face, you can also listen to the following suggestions to choose.

  • Do you have the courage to cut stylish style? To have a stylish hairstyle, you need to be very bold and brave. A bold cut will include the length of the scissors and the length you want to cut, with a smooth gradient and slim look.
  • What is the texture of your wig? You need to know whether the floral style of your wig is straight or curly, different types of hair suit different bangs, and some bangs suit straight hair to highlight the curve of your face more.
  • What is the density of your wig? The density of the wig also determines what kind of hair you can trim. Too low density is not good for better pruning, and the more the density, the more likely to have it is.
  • What kind of bangs do you want? Pruning the right wig for you is very important, but personal preferences and hobbies are also very important, this point can not be ignored, if you have a very favorite type that you immediately act, whether appropriate, like it is good, believe that this must be the most beautiful.

The tools used to cut the bangs

Even if you have a very favorite type of bangs, which tool to use for tailoring is also a very important choice. So here are the tools you must use to cut your bangs.

  • Scissors
  • comb (Wolf press type comb for curly hair, tooth for straight hair)
  • wig rack (canvas or polystyrene foam),
  • T needle
  • barrette

Tip: Hair scissors are more sharp than usual we use, which is more conducive to our hair pruning, if you don't have hair scissors then you need to buy a pair, if you do not choose a suitable pair of scissors will damage your wig, make it difficult for you to trim.

After you prepare the tools used for the hair cut, you need to start to modify, how to choose the right bangs is a general choice, now you need to transform your ideas into true, it is time to study the details of this aspect, the following is a detailed description of how to cut bangs.

Step 1: Put your wig on your wig cap Before you cut, you need to fully make sure your wig is dry and kept clean, at least it looks. You can try to put your wig on your head, their wear trim can better let you see the hairstyle show effect, of course you can also put it on the wig cap, you need to use T needle fixed to ensure that your hair won't move, you want to see how bang down you can fold the hair up so can better see show effect. Once you're going to cut it and you don't have to look back, you need to be prepared to determine the hairstyle you want .

Step 2: Cut out the prototype of the bangs Determine the bangs shape you want and comb the wig open with a comb. Make a triangular part in front, brush the hair forward, hold it with a strap or clip to avoid running forward, once you cut the bangs, comb it straight to avoid tangling. Then measure the length of the bangs you want, find out how long the bangs you want, if you plan to cut a lot of the length, then you cut off a few inches, if you're not sure how the cut is, don't cut it very short to make sure you have time to change it.

Step 3: Cut the bangs Cut the bangs with a 45-degree Angle, hold them with one hand, cut from the middle to both sides, and try to avoid trimming a quarter feet at a time to avoid trimming errors, once the bangs are close to the length you want.

Step 4: Check your work Once you feel trim to your satisfaction when you need to stop to check your work, see if there is any wrong, if there is a need to modify the place that you want to repair, after completing this step, if you think bang and what wrong, you need to further modify, you can also put the scissors into 90 degrees can be directly cut into bang. After you are satisfied, you can go to the next polishing step.

Step 5: Design your bangs Once you've done the above, the last step is to design the bangs you want, you can comb them aside or make a unique middle, you can modify them with a straightening or roll them with a curling iron. Find out the style you like best and make adjustments

Suggestions for cutting the wigs

 What you need to do:

  • Be sure to determine the wig length and hairstyle you want.
  • If you aren't confident or weak, ask a professional to cut your bangs.
  • refer to the tutorial and reference pictures.

What you can't do:

  • Don't cut it long.
  • Don't make your hair wet.
  • Don't use the kitchen or the usual scissors to trim, but if you have experience.

In short

Try to trim bangs on wig also can give you daily life, as long as you want to try most people can trim at home, but you must slowly trim, this can help you to modify, once cut too fast trim too much to balance the wig, this article description can be more conducive to you trim wig.