How To Install A Wig Cap

wig cap around human hair &stright color human hair with human hair for full lace front wig

    It is well known that it's important to have a suitable wig hat. It makes your hair look natural and healthy, so choosing it is crucial. This article mainly focuses on how to wear a  lace wig hat. The following will  gradually introduce the way to wear it, which will certainly let you have a deeper understanding of it.

Get Your Materials

To ensure the installation goes smoothly you need to start ready with the required materials.

  • Holding spray or hair gel
  • Wig cap
  • Blow dryer
  • Scissors

Install the wig headgear gradually

Step1: You need to stretch your wig to make it look smooth, and not making the hair too bulky, open the hat to the head until you cover the hat over the ears and hair, while stretching down to pull the hat down on the eyebrows, which will make your headgear look natural.

Step2: You need to apply the spray or hair gel to the hairline, and do not let the spray spray on your normal hair. It takes time for spray or hair gel to cool it with a hair dryer to make it dry quickly.When it is completely dry, you can use a scissors to cut a hole on both sides of the headgear that can leak two ears, and let the ears leak out, making the material and the skin more fit.     

Step 3:You need to spray the hairline again, and then cool it to completely dry, trim the excess material, cut from the middle of the hairline according to the oval shape to the root of the ear. Then you can install the wig directly.

The wig cap you choose has a direct effect on your final results. That’s why we’d like to inform you of your wig cap choices and several factors to consider when selecting one.

Method of picking a  wig cap

Choosing the appropriate wig cap is important for the presentation of the final outcome, so several factors influence our choice.

The first is the choice of color: choosing a wig cap that is similar to your skin color is the first step to your success. Similar colors can make your wig look natural and work well together.

Material and Construction

Nylon: This is the standard material, can wrap the head safely, is a wig and scalp separation without interfering with the hair.

Cotton: this is cheap compared to other comparison but prone to quality problems, poor water absorption effect.

Netted Caps: the hole of the net cap is relatively large and very breathable, the drainage effect is good, more breathable than other net caps.

Silicone or Silk: This material is complicated to make, so it is less cost-effective for ordinary people, but it is more protective and can be effective for people with hair or scalp damage.

The benefits and disadvantages of wearing a wig

Pros:Hair cap can make you better wear wig make your wig look more natural, and help you protect the wig, make the wig is not easily affected by the scalp internal sweat and head oil, reduce the secondary cleaning, can make the wig keep longer, and conform to the scalp characteristics correct wig cap can make you wear a wig more comfortable, not easy to cause skin infection, very healthy.

Cons: Some inferior material headgear can affect your scalp, can cause your skin infection, and airtight material can cause the scalp too hot, thereby causing a series of skin diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a very breathable hood, and when choosing a  wig hat, pay special attention to whether your head circumference matches your chosen size. Being too large or too small is not big, or you can choose an elastic material.

In short, this article details you about how to install and select a wig hat, so please follow the above steps to install your wig.