How to wash a wig after a long time?-Cleaning the tutorial for your answer

lace front wig |how to wish wigs    In this article, we will teach you how to clean your wigs, including all the tools used to clean them, and the clear steps, and the answers to the problems you may have.

Products and tools for cleaning wigs

  • Sink or large bowl
  • Wig Brush and/or comb
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothbrush
  • Wig Stand
  • Clean towel or T-shirt
  • Detangling spray
  • Finishing spray
  • Wig adhesive remover

Preparation for lace wigs before cleaning

Straout hair: you should use wig comb and wig brush or with the finger gently comb the wig open, how wig is curly hair with the fingers is the best way, clear the hair is from the bottom to the root of the hair.

Clean off the glue and the residue:If you are cleaning up the  lace wig , remove as much as possible of the excess glue near the lace and the residue of the care left behind before cleaning up. If you have a lace front wig, be very careful to work together in case of destroying the lace.

Apply hair care essential oil:Putting a small amount of hair care essential oil on the hair before washing the wig helps to keep the wig smooth and easier to unwrap and keep the wig hydrated to prevent the wig from drying out.

Steps to wash your hair

Step 1: Prepare warm water, add warm water or cold water in the sink or basin, the water temperature is about 20 degrees, pour the shampoo into the basin mixed with water and mixed with some wig shampoo stir evenly.The wig is then placed in the water, rotated into a circle to ensure that the wig and the water are fully integrated, and then soaked for five minutes.

Hint:The following will introduce the measure of shampoo use: short wig, half a tablespoon, in the long holiday, a tablespoon, long holiday, a half tablespoon, the suggestion is for reference only, specific to the actual situation. If the shampoo packaging is required, the shampoo reference requirements can prevail, but if the shampoo uses excessive hair will not be very good to take out. It's a time to learn more about wig shampoo.

Step 2: Take the wig out of the soaked water and rinse it with cold water. If it is still a little dirty, soak it for a few more minutes. Then rinse your wig in cold water. If there is a smear on the wig, clean it with a small brush or toothbrush. Be careful not to stretch or tear the material.

Step 3: clean the wig, when the wig bubble looks very clean immediately rinse it, rinse when very gentle do not break your wig, drain after pour water and then rinse the basin.

Step 4: to the basin with warm water, add a small amount of conditioner in water, about a spoonful mixed with water, some conditioner have instructions, use how much can see, finger the wig into the mixture, after with cold water thoroughly rinse off your wig, but be careful not to excessive to twist wig, after wig on hair care essential oil.

Step 5: put the hair on the towel or wig bag gently pat dry, do not hang the wig when full of water otherwise it will be damaged, wait until pat dry and put it on the wig bracket until it is completely dry, before trying to comb the hair, encounter the knot, you can use separation spray. Finally, the wig is spray.

How to keep your wig long-Some tips that you can't do

Keep skills:must use the products of heat agent, can not make the wig near any heat source, including hot water in our life, oven and even wig dryer, must need to use special wig products and modeling tools; Find a fixed place to store your wig products, like fake model heads,

Can't do: And don't wash your wig regularly, which will reduce the number of wig use. Do not leak the wig in the sun, which will make the wig hard, dry, and dark. Do not treat the hair roughly, so that it is not easy to preserve for a long time.

How often the wig is cleaned?

If you do not have a long belt, it is recommended that you take about 8~10 times to wash once, if you take more frequently, then you can wash once every two weeks, so as to avoid hair knots.

Should you wash your wig immediately before you buy it?

Whether after I buy wig back to clean depends on personal will, but our wig products to your hands are clean, and we will send poison in advance, so it can directly wear, but some women will want to wash feel wear feeling will be great, but the more the wig cleaning life is shorter, so still try to clean when need to clean it, choose not wash will better extend its life.


This article gives you a complete guide to the cleaning of wigs. It can help you solve all the cleaning of wigs, and understanding these will make your wig better preservation. What do you experience when cleaning wigs? What are the tips for keeping your hair alive? How often else do you buy your hair? These questions are welcome to share.