Money Piece- One Of The Most Popular Hair Color Techniques In Europe And America

Money piece, one of the most popular hair color techniques in Europe and the US, is also the most popular hair trend of 2023. As we all know, fashion comes in a cycle. This hairstyle is once again in vogue, no doubt for those who like the FASHIONABLE, to bring the good news again. And compared with the previous money piece, the money piece nowadays is softer and sexy, and generally has the appearance that can make people fall in love at first sight. Now if you are looking forward to the money piece, let's take a look at its charm.You can see celebrity models wearing these wigs on popular social media platforms like YouTube or TikTok. This product is very convenient and quick to wear and take off.

What is Money Piece Hair?

It refers to the highlight of the front bangs. money piece not only accentuates your personal style, but also highlights delicate contours and embellishes your face. Choose a color that matches your hair color to make it look whiter.

The money piece highlight is known for framing the face, typically at the front of the mane.It sometimes pairs tones that are a couple shades apart To create a sharp contrast with the rest of your hair.More can highlight your personality, can let others in the vast sea of people can see you at a glance.

🔥 Five Reasons To Choose Money Piece

There are many reasons to choose this trendy hairstyle. Here are five benefits of choosing it:

1️⃣ Accentuated Facial Features:

Highlighting your hair on both sides will make your features look more three-dimensional, thus projecting a more elegant image in front of people.


2️⃣ Little Work,Big Change: You can choose to color only a small section of the front of your hair to minimize damage to your hair, but also to bring a little bit of color to your hair and draw attention to your chiseled face.


3️⃣ Highlight Natural Hair Color: The money piece makes your natural hair color stand out. No matter what color the underhair is, it will make it look trendy.

4️⃣ Celebrity Effect: With celebrities such as Rihanna, Kardashian and Beyonce starting to experiment with the trendy hairstyle, it has led to a wave of money piece fashion. So feel free to try.


5️⃣ Minimal Maintenance: If you spend enough money on it, you don't have to worry about it fading or growing too fast. Maybe you can try buying a lace wig, which is easier to use and comes in a variety of colors.

Money Piece Hair Inspirations

1. Golden Blonde Money Piece Highlight on Coffee Brown Soft Waves

In this photo ,we can see the woman wearing a golden blonde money piece highlight with a shoulder-length coffee brown soft wave. Perfectly set off her three - dimensional facial features, it appears that the whole person is very temperament.

2.Honey Blonde Money Piece Highlight on Bone Straight Chestnut Brown Locks

Here, Star Kylie Jenner shows off her honey blonde highlights in a major runway show.Blonde money piece highlight adds sophistication to her hairstyle.

3. Honey Blonde Money Piece Highlight on Tawny Brown Soft Waves

This honey blonde money piece highlight is a little lighter than the surrounding brown soft waves, making the entire hair color look layered and more noticeable.

4. Platinum Blonde Money Piece Highlight on Burgundy Loose Waves

This dazzling 99J hue is paired with Platinum Blonde Money Piece Highlight, paired with long waves. Makes the whole person appear very elegant.

5. Golden Blonde Money Piece Highlight on Ginger Loose Curls

Pumpkin-toned hair gives a very warm feeling, like an autumn breeze. Wear it with loose, bouncy curls and a golden blonde highlight for a more memorable look.

6. Cobalt Blue & Aqua Money Piece Highlight on Straight Black Locks

This unusual combination of green and blue is fresh and will definitely make you the center of attention in the crowd.

7. Red Money Piece Highlight on Long Black Loose Waves

Red can also make bold innovations. As you can see in the picture, the long black loose curly hair combined with some Red Money Piece highlights make a complete difference and add a hint of hot and sexy.

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There are several different styles to choose from. All you need to do is decide which style you want. We can do our best to help you achieve it and show your beauty to the greatest extent.