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Yes, of course. The hair is top Virgin Human Hair.  You can restyle it by yourself. However, we strongly advise that you seek a professional to obtain optimal results and prevent over processing.

Most of women choose to wash their lace front wigs once every one to two weeks. If the hair begins to feel sticky or dry, nit may be time to give it a rinse. If you don’t want to overwash the wig, you can remove the wig before going to bad,then it can help you to reduce the number of times you need to shampoo and condition it.

YES, the human hair wigs can actually be dyed. If the wig is colored already, you can dye the hair into darker color. If the wig is natural black color, you can dye it into 30# or 27# color. The process to dye hair is easy but it has to be performed by someone who has knowledge and experience in this field. Or the human hair can be damaged easily. There are some things to remember before dying your wigs:Firstly do a strand test to check whether the dying works on the hair and it can handle the coloring process. It is advised by the experts not to dye the non-Remy hair wigs as it can result is damaging the wig as these wigs are weak to be dyed.Strong chemicals can damage your natural hair resulting in losing the hair shine and quality. If your hair’s non-Remy, you better not dye and keep it as it is. If you got the Remy hair wigs you can change its color anytime you want instantly.

It could be caused by dry hair. Please make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Brazilian virgin hair Comb the hair from time to time. You could go to your stylist for further suggestions. If the hair is wavy or curly style, we don't suggest to comb it. If you have to, please comb it with hands or wide-teeth brush gently. Tight teeth brush will ruin the hair original shape and make it fizzy and feels like tangle! Please always comb the hair from the ends and work your way up. When you dye the hair with bleach powder, please control the time within 5 minutes. If you dye it with dye cream, you need to control the time within 20 minutes. Otherwise, the hair will be damaged by cream if you leave it too long there, which will lead to shedding. When sleeping,please bond the hair with elastic band or wear a cap. It will avoid tangling or shapes-changing. After waking up, please remove the band and comb through beginning at the ends and working your way up to the roots. When swimming, we suggest to wear a swimming cap. Because the sea water or pool water is not good for hair, it will make the hair tangle and rough. It`s better to wash it with warm water, with hair shampoo and hair conditioner after swimming. 

All of stock is standard medium, it is 22.5 inch. And it has adjustable straps. Normally it can match the head of most people. If you have a very large/small head (only for 360 wig, full lace wig can't be customized), you can leave a note in your order for that,We currently provide you with free customized services, but it needs 3-5 more days to be shipped out.Note: Custom products do not accept return or exchange service.

Tips of the length:

The length of layered hairstyles will be described based on the lengthof the hair after styling – so if it is a curly wig the length is the ‘finished length’ we need to stretch the curls of the longer part to measure it.It’s obvious that the straight hair looks longer than the wavy and curly hair although they are in the same hair length .

As you known, the human hair has no life after cutting from the head. So no matter what the hair brand, premium grade, or origination of your lace wig,the hair will change overtime. Here are some tips on how to make your wigs soft again:
Step 1: Pre Wash Your Wig
Give your human hair wig a conditioning treatment. Apply natural oils such as Moroccan Argan Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Grape-Seed Oil. Apply some oil or leave-in conditioner for about 30 minutes with a shower cap.
Step 2: Wash Your Wig
Wash your wig with some good quality moisturizing shampoo and use your fingers to clean your scalps between tracks gently, then rinse it thoroughly.
Step 3: Apply Some Conditioner
After washing, pls remember to apply some moisturizing conditioner to the top to end of your wig. To avoid the tangling, please use a wider-tooth comb or fingers through your hair gently from hair roots to tips.
Step 4: Do Deep Condition
Apply deep conditioner for about 15 minutes or more. Use a shower cap to help trap in heat which aids in the conditioning process. Once conditioned, rinse it thoroughly, use fingers to untangle and squeeze the excess water out .Comb out the hair and allow it to air dry for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Apply a moisturizing product along the entire length and apply extra to the ends.
Step 5: Dry Your Wig
Blow dry your wig with a low temperature setting. Then style your hair with a flat iron or curling iron from the front of your head then downwards to the end to get a perfect look.
Step 6: Tips When You Sleep
If you wear a wig while sleeping, lay the hair flat against your head and pin or tie it into place. Then, wrap your head in a silk or satin scarf. This will keep your unit in place and from tangling.

Factory washed the hair with warm water and shampoo before shipped,at the same time , we will add some hair oil to the hair wig to protecting the hair from being dry during long time delivery, it may have some smell in the high temperature or hot weather, the smell can easily fade away after washing via any shampoo or conditioner. Promise no corn-chip chemical smell, our hair is 100% chemical-free, we do not only care about beauty but also our customer's health!

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Choose your favorite product, you can click on a product photo or product name to see more detailed information.Choose specification you want and enter the quantity, and click "BUY NOW"Please enter the required information such as SHIPPING ADDRESS, PAYMENT, and Check whether ORDER REVIEW is consistent with the product information you selected, you can enter the coupon code to use it. Please note that you should check your order detailes carefully especially address in order to deliver your package in time.Finally,you will pay into the Paypal or credit card payment page.

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incorrect cvv security codeinsufficient fund on cardexceeding cc limits (if you have payment problems,such as can’t pay successfully,the card is not acceptable,order was closed because of security reasons and so on,pls contact our customer service alteruhairservice@outlook.com at the first time,they will try their best to solve your problems.)

Yes, you can, but you need to contact us within 24hours via Email alteruhairservice@outlook.com (Before Shipped), if not, it will be charged a processing fee.

You can send an email to us, title as “Return + Order Number + Reason”, we will response ASAP. If you don't want your order or you place wrong order or want a longer length or you would like to exchange the order, you will pay for the return charge, and if you want refund will be reduced the 20$ from your amount (Reshelving costs).If any customs duty is incurred during the period, we will deduct the corresponding amount from the refund.

We use DHL, FedEx, UPS,DPEX,Aramex or TNT. Generally, the package will be delivered within 4-5 business days in the USA, and 5-8 days in other countries.

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Yes,we do wholesale, plz send inquiry to our email: alteruhairservice@outlook.com or add our whatsapp: +86 18567303150

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